Write On For Israel/San Francisco Jewish Teen Program

High School

Write-On-For-Israel/San-Francisco-Produce-DocumentaryWould you like to make a documentary film in Israel? Want to learn how to become an effective, outspoken opinion leader – before you go to college?

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BlueStay-College-Stay-Weekend Retreat, Explore CampusWant to explore a potential college campus in depth? Spend the weekend with current college students at an Israel-advocacy focused fun retreat.

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BlueStar Fellows Support Jewish life on Campus


BlueStar-Fellows-Israel-On-CampusDo you want to make your campus a more comfortable place for Israel supporters? Learn how to use writing, speaking, and organizing tools to make a difference.

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Write On For Israel for Adults in San Francisco


Write On For Israel Adults, Support IsraelDo you feel powerless against Israel’s treatment by the media? Join peers who care about Israel and learn what to say and how to write to turn things around to strengthen our community’s voice.

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